Input to the inception impact assessment on the FuelEU Maritime

This document provides IOGP’s input to the inception impact assessment on the FuelEU Maritime.

IOGP’s response focuses on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen as these technologies could contribute to a reduction of emissions in the maritime sector.

IOGP supports a holistic approach to the decarbonisation of shipping through the deployment of a wide range of low-carbon and low-emission fuels (like LNG/bio-LNG, synthetic LNG, ammonia10, methanol, liquids such as bio- and e-fuels or hybrid options).



  • LNG as a mid and long-term decarbonisation option
  • The role of LNG: Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation and Environment
  • LNG: Available Product and Infrastructure
  • Hydrogen as a long-term decarbonisation option

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