IOGP Paper on metric to use for 2030 targets

This document provides IOGP’s recommendations on the metric to be used for the EU 2030 gas decarbonization targets.



The EU is implementing measures to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and has set an objective of a climate neutral EU by 2050, which IOGP supports alongside the implementation of inclusive enabling measures.

As set out in the Commission’s communication on the European Green Deal achieving this will require decarbonization of the gas sector which in turn will need to be facilitated by regulatory measures, including enhanced support for the development of renewable and low-carbon gases, supporting a forward-looking design for a competitive decarbonized gas market.

IOGP looks forward to working with the Commission on the methodology to underpin supporting legislation (REDII, Gas Decarbonization Package, other sectoral legislation, etc) and help achieve the EU’s overall climate objective.



  • Introduction
  • EU-wide certification of GHG intensity reduction of renewable and low-carbon gases

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