IOGP feedback on the update of EU ETS monitoring and reporting rules (2021-30)

This document provides IOGP’s feedback on update of EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) monitoring and reporting rules (2021-30).




The EU ETS is a mechanism that, together with other policy measures, underpin the commercial viability of new CCS technologies. However, its current form does not allow the full realisation of their potential.

This consultation is an opportunity to ensure that the EU ETS design is fit to help deliver on Europe’s climate ambition, address the economic crisis consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, and contribute to Europe’s green recovery.


Key Points


The definition of a CO2 transport network in the EU ETS Directive (2003/87/EC), the EU ETS Implementing Regulation (2018/2066/EC) as well as the CCS Directive (2009/31/EC) is currently limited to a network of pipelines, effectively excluding other CO2 transport modes, such as maritime or road.

The ETS could foster the deployment of CCS in Europe by recognising the transportation of CO2 by multimodal transport means, including ships, trains, or trucks, in addition to pipeline transport.

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