Hydrogen for Europe: 1st Working Group Meeting

On 5 March, the “Hydrogen for Europe” study’s funding partners and research consortium met for first inception working group.

The all-day long meeting was organised in two main sections on scenarios, models, and communication.

The morning discussions focused on technical questions regarding the models and the broad lines of the scenarios that need to be developed.

In the afternoon, participants agreed to establish a communications task force – chaired by Nareg Terzian, IOGP’s Senior Manager Strategic Communications & Media – to prepare and implement a strategy to promote the study and its findings.

The next working group session will take place on 1st April in Brussels, the day before the second steering committee meeting. This technical session will cover data and modelling assumptions related to supply, demand and transportation issues. There will be follow-up meetings on policy and communication as well.

Stay tuned for updates!

For press inquiries, please contactNareg TerzianHead of Strategy & Communications - Europe