IOGP feedback to the proposed European Climate Law

This document provides IOGP’s feedback to the proposed Climate Law.

IOGP welcomes the long-term predictability that the Climate Law aims to provide.

The climate neutrality target, as well as interim targets on the pathway to 2050, need to be accompanied by an enabling policy framework. EU policies, including EU financing and funding mechanisms, should facilitate a cost-efficient energy transition which leaves no one behind. A holistic, technology-neutral approach will be necessary to reach decarbonisation objectives at least cost.


Key Points

This document outlines IOGP’s recommendations:

  • Using the NECPs as a basis for EU-level planning
  • Ensuring thorough, transparent and regular impact assessments towards 2050
  • Enabling all solutions and energy carriers on the pathway to climate neutrality
    • Considering the advantages and versatility of gas
    • Strengthening the use of low-carbon technologies and energy carriers
  • Taking a global approach

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