Guidelines for Methane Emissions target setting

This document analyses the state of play on GHG emissions reduction targets making use of a questionnaire circulated among GIE, IOGP and MARCOGAZ’s member companies. It gives some insights on the key elements that need to be considered when setting a target, as well as the guidelines to be followed by companies across the value chain, willing to implement emissions reduction targets.

This document should be used as a technical guideline for companies to support the development of emissions targets.


Why does it matter?

Given the impact of methane emissions on climate change, the management of these emissions together with the establishment of emissions reduction targets is vital for the gas sector to play a key role in moving toward decarbonisation in Europe.

Although many European gas companies have already set GHG emissions reduction targets, there is a need to better understand the nature of these targets as well as to define homogeneous guidelines for emissions target setting.



  • Key elements in target setting
    • Type of targets
    • Baseline year and reference year
    • Level of ambition
  • Current situation in Europe
    • Methane reduction achieved to date
    • Methane target setting
    • Current level of ambition
  • Steps in setting methane targets
    • Methane emission sources identification
    • Methane emission quantification
    • CH4 emission reduction potential
    • Complementing with External Analysis
    • Target setting
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