IOGP position paper on the European Commission’s public consultation on the EU climate target for 2040

Our industry supports the 2050 EU’s climate neutrality objective, while calling for an inclusive enabling policy framework, and remains committed to the safe and affordable energy supply to Europe. This shared ambition is jeopardized by several geopolitical, economic and societal challenges, combined with an increasingly complex and burdensome regulatory framework.

We believe that the pace of GHG emission reduction can only be maintained through a marked shift in approach towards more technology-inclusive, competitiveness-oriented, and less prescriptive policymaking. IOGP Europe believes that carbon pricing should be the primary tool to reach our climate objectives in the most cost-effective manner. In this context, strengthening international cooperation and giving due consideration to the evolution of the global context will be essential in the months and years to come.

This  paper outlines IOGP Europe's position on key aspects of the consultation. The consultation response itself can be viewed here

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