IOGP views on competition policy supporting the European Green Deal

The Commission adopted the current guidelines on State aid for environmental protection and energy measures in 2014 as part of its modernisation agenda. The guidelines will be revised against the backdrop of the industrial strategy, the digital transition and the European Green Deal.


IOGP believes that State aid rules should facilitate investments in promising, innovative and scalable technologies that facilitate large-scale carbon emission reduction and management projects while maintaining the functioning of the Internal Energy Market.


Key Points

IOGP’s recommendations for adapting the EEAG to new developments in CCS and CCU:

  • Enable a flexible approach to both investment and operation aid in the CCS chain
  • Incorporate the construction or retrofitting of shared CCS infrastructure
  • Incorporate the transport of CO2 for storage by other modes of transport (e.g. shipping) in addition to pipeline
  • Recognise CCU and negative emissions technologies


IOGP’s recommendations for incorporating low-carbon hydrogen from natural gas with CCS in the EEAG:

  • Enable a flexible approach to both investment and operation aid in the low-carbon hydrogen chain
  • Ensure alignment between the revised EEAG and updated gas market rules
  • Incorporate renewable and low-carbon hydrogen energy infrastructure
  • Assessment criteria for renewable and low-carbon gases (including hydrogen)
  • Ensure a level playing field between renewable and low-carbon hydrogen


IOGP recommendations for adapting the EEAG to the safe, responsible and sustainable production of oil and gas in Europe:

  • Electrification of oil and gas platforms
  • Reuse and repurposing of oil and gas infrastructure

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