Council’s inclusive approach to hydrogen sends strong signal ahead of key legislative year


The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) commends the Council of the EU for recognizing the role of low-carbon technologies in scaling-up the hydrogen market in Europe. This is a strong political signal sent to industry and the Commission ahead of the important legislative work planned for 2021.


We commend the Council for having succeeded in developing a common vision for hydrogen that mobilizes all sustainable production technologies. This is consistent with the European Council conclusions’ emphasis on the transitional role of gas. We look forward and expect the Commission to implement EU Member States’ recommendations and take a similarly inclusive approach in all legislative initiatives it tables in 2021’ says François-Régis Mouton, IOGP’s Regional Director Europe.

Scaling up a hydrogen value chain in Europe will require the progressive mobilization of all types of sustainable production methods – low-carbon, renewable, and zero-carbon technologies. This will give Member States and industry broader options and raise the Hydrogen Strategy’s overall chances of success.

The Council’s recognition of the role of Carbon Capture Use & Storage (CCUS) in hard-to-abate sectors and low-carbon hydrogen production is a strong political signal to the full CCUS value chain actors, energy and industrial players alike.


CCUS and Hydrogen are technologies we know and in which Europe can excel. These technologies are proven, environmentally safe, and industrially scalable. The oil & gas industry is ready to mobilize its skills and assets to kickstart a large-scale hydrogen market, starting with the decarbonization of natural gas and its infrastructure. To plan this effectively, we need this political signal to be turned into an enabling investment framework’ concluded François-Régis.

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