EU’s hydrogen and energy system vision can only succeed with a more balanced, inclusive approach

The Hydrogen and Energy System Integration Strategies – released today – mark an important step in the EU’s energy transition.

Their implementation will be an opportunity for Council and Parliament to rebalance and take a more inclusive approach to all clean hydrogen production sources, and to recognize the long-term, cross-sectoral role of gas as well as that of Carbon Capture & Storage and its significant scale-up potential.


Key Points

  • Industrial sectors will need affordable, stable, secure and large-scale supply of clean hydrogen to retain their activity and related jobs in a climate neutral Europe. Delivering the necessary volumes will require a technology neutral regulatory approach which equally incentivizes the deployment of both gas reforming with CCS or gas pyrolysis, and electrolysis with clean electricity.
  • An important and welcome element is the intention to develop a comprehensive terminology and common certification for all renewable and low-carbon gases. IOGP fully supports the development of a system for Guarantees of Origin based on a standardized life cycle GHG emissions certification.
  • CCS is indispensable to achieve climate neutrality, and we will actively work with the Commission to bring down remaining barriers and amplify its momentum in Europe. We need to act now to give CCS its full place in the transition as a versatile, large scale and long-term component of the EU energy system.

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