IOGP feedback to the Combined Evaluation Roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment on the revision of Regulation (EU) 347/2013 on guidelines for TEN-E

This document provides IOGP’s initial feedback on the upcoming review of the Regulation on guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructure (TEN-E) and related policy recommendations.

In the context of the European Green Deal, it is important that the framework for energy infrastructure is reviewed in order to take into consideration the transformation required by various sectors. The priority should be to include the energy transition objectives while safeguarding the already substantial achievements of the internal gas market.


The document outlines IOGP’s:
  • policy recommendations that the future guidelines on TEN-E should consider
  • amendments to the text of the TEN-E Regulation
  • principles that the revision of TEN-E should take into account
Key Points
We recommend supporting early-stage deployment and development of new business models for technologies such as CCS (Carbon Capture Storage) and CCS-enabled hydrogen to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives.
In a 2050 perspective, investing in i) the production of all forms of clean hydrogen (from natural gas reforming with CCS, renewable electricity, methane pyrolysis), and ii) technical adaptation of the EU gas infrastructure to carry clean hydrogen, will contribute to climate neutrality while making use of the existing infrastructure in a cost-effective way.

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