IOGP statement on the European Commission’s 2030 Climate Target Plan

This document provides IOGP’s views on the European Commission’s 2030 Climate Target Plan.

IOGP calls on policymakers to follow up on the Climate Law with an inclusive approach that promotes all available technologies and solutions equally, and encourage the EU to step up its engagement with its global partners to combine decarbonisation efforts. Reaching climate neutrality by 2050 is a major challenge and will require an ambitious enabling policy framework and technology developments.


Key Points

  • We are supportive of an ambitious and realistic 2030 EU GHG emissions reduction target and look forward to a swift decision to create the necessary clarity for further investments needed
  • Achieving both 2030 and 2050 GHG targets will require major efforts and the implementation of a set of cost-effective actions across all economic sectors, ensuring that no one is left behind
  • All relevant EU legislation and policies should contribute to these new targets, while taking an inclusive approach in order to keep all technology options contributing to the reductions of GHG emissions open, respecting a level playing field based on life cycle based emissions reduction potential
  • The EU should focus on accelerating and scaling up the role of carbon management and carbon removal technologies, including both nature-based solutions and technical solutions based on carbon capture and storage, by designing policy incentives such as an EU-wide Carbon Contract for Difference (CCfD) scheme and the certification of carbon removals

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