IOGP response to the public consultation on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) proposal

This document provides IOGP’s response to the EU public consultation on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) proposal.


IOGP welcomed the Commission’s intention to establish a comprehensive terminology for all renewable and low-carbon fuels and a European system of certification of such fuels, based notably on full life-cycle greenhouse gas emission savings and sustainability criteria.

In this context, we note that the scope the revised RED, following the Commission’s proposal, will remain limited to renewable fuels only, excluding other low-carbon fuels such as “blue” hydrogen. The EU energy and climate policy framework shoud enable all renewable and low-carbon fuels to play their role.

Key Recommendations

  • Introducing a certification system and incentives for low-carbon (including “blue”) hydrogen as part of the forthcoming Hydrogen and Decarbonized Gas Market package
  • Taking a technology neutral approach to renewable and low-carbon hydrogen in order to achieve decarbonization ambitions, including in the industrial and transport sectors
  • The renewables target in the heating and cooling sector should remain indicative
  • The review of the RED presents a chance to further improve this policy instrument, enabling the EU to benefit from gases’ full contribution to the energy transition

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