Feedback to the impact inception assessment “2030 Climate Target Plan”

This document provides IOGP’s initial feedback to the Impact Inception Assessment “2030 Climate Target Plan”.

The EU 2030 and 2050 GHG reduction targets need to be accompanied by an enabling and coherent policy framework that provides a business case to invest in the low-carbon technologies needed to deliver the ambitious objectives. EU policies, including EU financing and funding mechanisms, should therefore facilitate a cost-efficient energy transition while ensuring that no one is left behind.

IOGP supports the Commission’s intent to take a holistic approach towards the impact assessment of the “2030 Climate Target Plan” as it is of utmost importance to ensure complementarity between different legislative instruments while avoiding any overlap.


Key Points

This document outlines IOGP’s recommendations:

  • International context should be considered in the upcoming impact assessment
  • National plans should be considered as the main input in the development of the impact Assessment
  • Reviving the EU economy and industry post-COVID-19 while reducing emissions should be the backbone of the upcoming impact assessment
  • There is no silver bullet to achieve the 2030 climate targets, all solutions and carriers should be taken into account
    • Consider the advantages and versatility of natural gas in the scenarios
    • Strengthen the use of carbon management technologies and all carbon-neutral energy carriers
  • Involvement of stakeholders throughout the process and social aspects are needed to ensure a successful implementation of policies

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