European Natural Gas
Reserves and Resources

European gas production can be sustained and even increased with a favorable regulatory framework.

By complementing much needed energy savings and renewable energy deployment, these gas reserves can be used within the framework of the EU’s climate neutrality objective, helping achieve it on the way.

3470 bcm

Reserves in the EU + Norway


of EU demand is met by domestic (EU + Norway) production

15-30 years

of production at current levels possible with known reserves

By complementing much-needed energy savings and renewable energy deployment, European gas reserves can be used within the framework of the EU’s climate neutrality objective, helping achieve it on the way.

Natural gas reserves are commercial reserves that are either proved or probable.

Natural gas resources are the expected total recoverable economical resources.


Reserves (bcm)

Resources (bcm)

Austria 13 18
Croatia 16 35
Cyprus 0 372
Denmark 58 54
France 1 64
Germany 71 111
Greece 0 13
Hungary 18 72
Ireland 26 70
Italy 62 100
Netherlands 174 269
Poland 107 811
Portugal 0 14
Romania 147 175
Slovakia 1 12
Slovenia 0 11
Spain 1 19
Total 694 2220

Europe non-EU

Reserves (bcm)

Resources (bcm)

Norway 2775 2789
Ukraine 333 1020
UK 395 1190
Total 3503 4999

Middle East

Reserves (bcm)

Resources (bcm)

Israel 1138 1247
Lebanon 0 41
Syria 69 805
Turkey 77 391
Total 1284 2484

North Africa

Reserves (bcm)

Resources (bcm)

Algeria 2745 2699
Egypt 1448 1440
Libya 480 1002
Morocco 4 114
Tunisia 21 34
Total 4698 5288

Natural gas produced domestically brings clear benefits:

Thanks to the highest environmental standards in the world and reduced transportation distance, natural gas produced in the EU has a 30% lower footprint than imported gas.

Domestic supplies provide the EU with the greatest level of energy security possible, since they come from a reliable and predictable source.

Domestically produced natural gas creates employment and economic activity in Europe.

Policy Recommendations

The EU should maximize the production of European gas reserves to reinforce its strategic energy autonomy while reducing its carbon footprint.

Accelerate and upscale existing projects that can deliver the quantities of gas needed within the timescale, including by boosting the development of Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean fields

Encourage exploration activities to discover additional resources which may come online in 5-10 years, helping achieve energy independence and reduce the EU’s import bill.