IOGP Europe signs the Antwerp Declaration

Brussels, 29 February 2024

IOGP Europe is a proud signatory of The Antwerp Declaration.

We are aligned with the sentiment that Europe urgently requires clarity, predictability, and confidence in its industrial policy.

Therefore, the ‘Declaration for a European Industrial Deal’ is a powerful, 10-step call to put Europe’s industry back on its feet.

The EU now contends with global competition and a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape, presenting significant challenges to our industrial base.

Companies across different sectors are facing difficulties with many relocating or simply closing down. Preserving a robust industrial base is crucial for safeguarding Europe's prosperity, autonomy, and security. The Antwerp Declaration, issued by prominent industrial leaders, serves as a timely call to action. We aspire for it to motivate both current and future European leaders.

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