Continued cross-sectoral dialogue needed to overcome energy and climate crises

Brussels, February 27

IOGP Europe notes with concern repeated efforts to restrict its right to engage with EU institutions. A constructive dialogue between decisionmakers and all key stakeholders is the foundation of sound and inclusive policymaking, particularly in times of crises.

These initiatives are not just undemocratic, they are disconnected from the realities and challenges faced by Europe today” says François-Régis Mouton, Regional Director Europe. “We will continue to put our expertise and data at policymakers’ disposal so that the EU can take the energy transition forward while strengthening its long-term resilience”.

The European oil and gas industry works around the clock to help Europe substitute Russian energy supplies and close the supply gap at the origin of this energy crisis.

In 2022, our industry supplied an extra 65 bcm of LNG to Europe, helping fill 77% of the gap left by the sudden interruption in Russian gas supplies (-84 bcm in 2022)1.

We support the European Union’s 2050 climate neutrality objective and its efforts to ensure access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy. Our member companies produce a significant share of the natural gas, oil and renewable energies which together account for around 75% of the EU energy mix in 2022. We believe a technology-open approach is needed to succeed while minimizing the costs and disruption linked to the transition.

We urge European decisionmakers to reject all discriminatory approaches to policymaking and provide instead the space for an informed and transparent cross-sector collaborative dialogue to advance the energy transition.

1 For a recap of 2022 European gas market data visit our website.

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