Hydrogen for Europe Pre-study – Key findings



The “Hydrogen for Europe Pre-study – Key findings” is an executive summary of the “Hydrogen for Europe pre-study”.

It is released in view of the main “Hydrogen for Europe” report which is currently being developed by research institutes SINTEF and IFPEN. Delivery expected end of 2020.

The Hydrogen for Europe pre-study commissioned by IOGP and IOGP’s member companies, has been carried out in the context of the ongoing process within the EU on how to fulfil the commitment made to the Paris agreement.

The report gives a summary of the main assessment results of the “Hydrogen for Europe pre-study” addressing three main questions:

  • What is the potential for reducing GHG emissions in Europe using hydrogen?
  • What is the cost of transitioning the European energy system, from today to 2050, and beyond? Of special interest is the relative cost of transition paths with different degrees of hydrogen utilisation and other paths with no use of hydrogen.
  • What is the viability of energy transition paths? Relevant parameters for assessing the viability are technology readiness and possible deployment rates, policy and regulatory risks and barriers, technology safety and social acceptance.


Why Hydrogen?


Hydrogen is an energy carrier that has no greenhouse gas emissions related to it when being used. Hydrogen can be used in the industry, transport sector, power sector and to heat the building stock. Therefore, hydrogen could potentially be part of the solution to achieve the necessary decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system.

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