CCS policy: A practical toolkit

In 2022, 45 Mt of CO2 were captured globally using various CCS methods, however, this achievement is only a drop in the bucket compared to the approximately 6,040 Mt of CO2 that needs to be captured and stored annually to meet the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario. Despite its great carbon reduction potential, CCS implementation still faces hurdles. One of the keys to unlocking its potential lies in the advancement of policy.

Join IOGP Europe's Senior Policy Manager Caterina De Matteis, industry experts and CCS policy pioneers as they discuss practical strategies that can be leveraged across different industries to promote buy-in for CCS projects and create policy frameworks that fit your unique needs. During this session, you can:

  • DISCOVER how CCS policies and regulations are foundational to decarbonize at scale, and the countries around the world that are implementing CCS policy frameworks aligning with their industrial landscapes
  • EXPLORE practical strategies to promote buy-in for CCS projects, develop tailored policy frameworks, and overcome implementation hurdles
  • LEARN the importance of advocating for CCS policies and how to dispel common misconceptions, better educating the public and fostering CCS policy adoption at all levels of government

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