IOGP written input to the consultation “International Ocean Governance”

This document provides IOGP’s written input to the consultation “International Ocean Governance”.

Oceans and seas are important areas of operations for the European Oil and Gas industry, as more than 80% of current oil and gas production takes place offshore. To protect the marine environment, exploration, drilling and production are conducted according to the highest industry standards and in line with the applicable EU legislation.


Key Points


  • IOGP supports initiatives that aim at a more efficient coordination ensuring closer cooperation
    between all organizations involved in ocean affairs, internationally and regionally
  • We support the EU efforts towards harmonization of the different assessment methods
  • It is essential to involve all relevant stakeholders in a transparent and inclusive consultation process throughout the policy making process
  • We call for a full implementation of the Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) framework at international and national level
  • We stand ready to share the outcomes of our projects and the gathered data and experience collected by our researchers throughout the decades
  • We encourage the European Commission to:
    • engage in a meaningful dialogue with the industry and science collaborations
    • establish more EU and international level open data basis
    • create more opportunities between policy makers, industry and researches to exchange views and information




  • Introduction
  • While assessing the International Ocean Governance, the following aspects should be considered:
    • A stable, predictable and transparent regulatory framework
    • Importance of Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs)
    • Industry and science collaborations
  • Final remarks

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