Call for feedback on TEG report on EU Taxonomy

In March 2018, the European Commission published its action plan on financing sustainable growth, followed in May 2018 by a proposal for a regulation on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment (taxonomy regulation).

In July 2018, the Commission set up a technical expert group on sustainable finance (TEG) to assist with the implementation of the action plan, including the development of an EU taxonomy.

In June 2019, the TEG published its technical report on EU taxonomy. The report sets out the basis for a future EU taxonomy in legislation. The TEG is inviting stakeholders to provide feedback on (parts of) its technical report through the online questionnaire.

The document shows IGOP’s feedback and responses on the following topics.


Climate Change Mitigation Activities:

  • Manufacturing of low carbon technologies
  • Manufacturing of hydrogen
  • Production of Electricity from Gas Combustion
  • Storage of Energy
  • Manufacture of Biomass, Biogas or Biofuels
  • Retrofit of Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks
  • District Heating/Cooling distribution
  • Cogeneration of Heat/Cool and power from Gas Combustion
  • Direct Air Capture of CO2
  • Capture of anthropogenic emissions
  • Transport of CO2
  • Permanent Sequestration of captured CO2
  • Passenger Rail Transport (Interurban)
  • Infrastructure for low carbon transport
  • Passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Freight transport services by road
  • Interurban scheduled road transport
  • Inland passenger water transport
  • Inland freight water transport
  • Renovation of existing buildings
  • Future development of the taxonomy.

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