IOGP input to the Commission’s Delegated Regulation establishing the technical screening criteria for economic activities contributing substantially to climate change mitigation or climate change adaptation

This document provides IOGP’s input and recommendations to the development of the upcoming first Delegated Regulation on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Key Points


  • This Delegated Regulation should ensure that “transitional activities” have their own dedicated Technical Screening Criteria (TSC) to reflect their transitional nature
  • TSC should respect the principle of technological neutrality
  • We endorse the TEG’s recommendation to incorporate a section on carbon capture and utilisation (CCU)
  • Inconsistencies and clarity of different terms should be addressed to ensure that the
    Delegated Regulation will be user-friendly and understandable by all stakeholders
  • Alignment with existing recommendations and legislation is needed to comply with the Better Regulation principles
  • Research, development and innovation will enable meeting the EU’s climate neutrality objective by 2050

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