Response to consultation on proposal for an Initiative on Sustainable Corporate Governance

This document provides IOGP’s response to the EU public consultation (questionnaire) on the proposal for an Initiative on Sustainable Corporate Governance.



This public consultation aims to collect the views of stakeholders with regard to a possible Sustainable Corporate Governance Initiative.

EU action in the area of sustainable corporate governance will complement the objectives of the upcoming Action Plan for the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, to ensure that the transitions towards climate-neutrality and digitalisation are socially sustainable.



The questionnaire is structured as follows:

  • Information about the stakeholder
  • Section I: Need and objectives for EU intervention on sustainable corporate governance
  • Section II: Directors’ duty of care – stakeholders’ interests
  • Section III: Due diligence duty
  • Section IV: Other elements of sustainable corporate governance
  • Section V: Impacts of possible measures

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