CCS Project


SHARC stands for Sustainable Hydrogen and Recovery of Carbon. SHARC project intends to decarbonise hydrogen production at the Porvoo refinery, in Finland by replacing grey hydrogen with green and blue hydrogen through electrolysis and CCS respectively.
Project type:Capture Participants:Neste Country:Finland Type of capture:Blue H2 IOGP members involved: No Planned start of operation: The final investment decision is expected to be made in 2023, with planned start in 2025/26. CO2 capacity at start date: 0 CO2 capacity after completion: 0.4 Status: Early Development Type of storage: Any available option which is technically and economically feasible is under consideration Funding and support scheme: Innovation Fund Info related to the funding and support scheme: The EU Innovation Fund has given a positive grant decision of EUR 88 million funding to Neste’s green hydrogen and CO2 capture & storage project. Notes: Links: