CCS Project

Pycasso – PYrenean Carbon Abolition through Sustainable Sequestration Operations

Pycasso stands for PYrenean Carbon Abolition through Sustainable Sequestration Operations. PYCASSO project investigates the opportunity to decarbonise the heavy industry located onshore South West France and North Spain through the establishment of a large CCUS hub. The project aims to take advantage of the large depleted gas fields of the area which have been producing the last 60 years.
Project type:Storage Participants:Avenia CAPBP Teréga Schlumberger Lafarge Repsol UPPA BRGM IFPEN Sofresid Geostock SNAM Country:France Type of capture:Industrial Capture (multiple industrial sources) IOGP members involved: Repsol, Schlumberger Planned start of operation: 2030 CO2 capacity at start date: 1 CO2 capacity after completion: Status: In planning Type of storage: Depleted Gas Field Funding and support scheme: No Info related to the funding and support scheme: Notes: Links: