Norsk e-fuel

The projects aims at the production of synthetic, renewable aviation fuel from CO2 and H2. For this purpose CO2 will be provided by an innovative Direct Air Capture technology from Climeworks and H2 will be produced from H2O via electrolysis using 100 % renewable electricity. Operations to start at 2024 with an initial production of 12,5 million litters of synthetic fuel. Production is expected to be doubled in 2026 (25 million litters of synthetic fuel).
Project type:Capture Participants:Sunfire GmbH Climeworks AG Paul Wurth SA Valinor Lux-Airport Country:Norway Type of capture:Direct Air Capture IOGP members involved: No Planned start of operation: 2024 CO2 capacity at start date: 0 CO2 capacity after completion: no data Status: Advanced Development Type of storage: Not applicable Funding and support scheme: National funding Info related to the funding and support scheme: The project received funding by Innovation Norway for project initiation (1.500.000 NOK) Notes: Links: