Grandpuits Zero Crude Platform

The project involves the construction of a H2 production unit with a capacity of a 20.000 tons per annum adjacent to TotalEnergies’ Grandpuits biorefinery at a cost of 130 million euros. Biogas produced by the biorefinery and natural gas will be used for H2 production via Steam Methane Reforming process. The H2 production unit will include a CO2 capture unit with a capacity of 110.000 tons per annum. The captured CO2 will be used in agri-food and industrial applications.
Project type:Capture Participants:Air Liquide TotalEnergies Country:France Type of capture:Fuel Production (Hydrogen) IOGP members involved: TotalEnergies Planned start of operation: CO2 capacity at start date: 0 CO2 capacity after completion: 0.11 Status: In planning Type of storage: Not applicable Funding and support scheme: Info related to the funding and support scheme: Notes: Links: