Geothermal CCS project (includes CO2NTESSA)

The Geothermal CCS project includes the construction & repurpose of pipelines to transport CO2 from a cement factory in Beremend (Hungary) and a cement plant in Našice (Croatia) to be stored at a saline aquifer in the north of Croatia (Bockovac site). The project includes also the construction of a geothermal plant for the production of heat and electricity where the produced CO2 will be stored in the same saline aquifer from which the brine is extracted. The CO₂NTESSA project is linked to the Geothermal CCS project and refers to the CO2 capture infrastructure at the cement plant in Našice (Croatia).
Project type:CaptureStorageTransport Participants:Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency NEXE INA Plinacro Heidelberg Materials Country:Croatia Type of capture:Hard to abate industry (Cement) IOGP members involved: No Planned start of operation: 2029 CO2 capacity at start date: 1.04 CO2 capacity after completion: Status: Early Development Type of storage: Onshore - Saline Aquifer Funding and support scheme: Info related to the funding and support scheme: Notes: Links: