CO2 EOR Project Croatia

At Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) found at Molve Municipality 640.000 m3/d of CO2 are produced from the purification of natural gas. The CO2 is compressed at 30 bar, dehydrated and transported via onshore pipeline 88 km long to the Fractionation Facilities of Ivanić Grad. Subsequently, the CO2 is compressed, liquefied and transported (200 bar) for injection at the mature oil fields Ivanić and Žutica for Enhanced Oil Recovery.
Project type:CaptureStorageTransport Participants:MOL Group Country:Croatia Type of capture:Fuel Production (Oil & Gas) IOGP members involved: MOL Group Planned start of operation: The injection of CO2 in Ivanić oilfield started in October 2014 and northern part of Žutica oilfields in October 2015. CO2 capacity at start date: 0 CO2 capacity after completion: N/A Status: In operation Type of storage: Onshore - Depleted Oil & Gas Fields (Ivanić & Žutica) Funding and support scheme: No Info related to the funding and support scheme: Notes: Links: