CCGeo stands for Closed Carbon Geothermal Energy – A full chain CCS project which intends to make use of a novel combination of existing technologies to generate electricity and heat from the geothermal brine and from the natural gases dissolved into it. The associated CO2 which will be produced will be injected back at the same reservoir from which the geothermal brine was extracted.
Project type:CaptureStorageTransport Participants:AAT Geothermae CLEAG Country:Croatia Type of capture:Power Production (Geothermal Energy) IOGP members involved: No Planned start of operation: 2022 CO2 capacity at start date: 0 CO2 capacity after completion: Status: Advanced Development Type of storage: Onshore - Saline Aquifer (Draškovec AATG) Funding and support scheme: Innovation Fund Info related to the funding and support scheme: Amount of Innovation Fund Grant: EUR 4.498.659 Total costs of the project: EUR 7.497.765 Notes: Links: