CCS Project


Stockholm Exergi (Stockholm's energy company) aspires to establish the first large scale facility for BioEnergy with CCS (BECCS) in Europe. For this purpose, the BECCS Stockholm project aims to capture, transport and store the CO2 produced from the existing biomass-fired, combined heat and power plant located in the city of Stockholm. The specific BECCS facility will have a capture capacity of around 0.8 Mtpa of biogenic CO₂. The captured CO2 will be shipped for permanent storage in suitable geological formations at the North Sea.
Project type:Capture Participants:Stockholm Exergi Country:Sweden Type of capture:Power Production (BECCS) IOGP members involved: No Planned start of operation: 2026 CO2 capacity at start date: 0.8 CO2 capacity after completion: 0.8 Status: Advanced Development Type of storage: Any available option which is technically and economically feasible is under consideration Funding and support scheme: Innovation Fund Info related to the funding and support scheme: The project has been selected to receive support from the European Innovation Fund. The project is also based on Swedish government aid (to be determined during 2022) and revenues from selling negative emission rights to the voluntary carbon market in the form of carbon removal certificates with permanently geological storage as well as services and products with zero or negative emissions. Notes: Links: