CCS Project


Acorn is a joint venture of companies which is considered to be the backbone of the Scottish Cluster. Acorn is working on three linked projects: Acorn Carbon Capture project that aims at the construction of a carbon capture plant for the decarbonisation of two St. Fergus Gas Terminals. Acorn Hydrogen project that aims at the construction of a Blue Hydrogen facility adjacent to the two St. Fergus Gas Terminals. Acorn Transport & Storage project that aims at the transportation of the captured CO2 for permanent storage under the North Sea using repurposed pipelines and ships.
Project type:Capture Participants:Storegga Shell Harbour Energy NSMP Country:United Kingdom Type of capture:Industrial Capture (multiple industrial sources) IOGP members involved: Shell Planned start of operation: 2024 for Acorn CCS & 2025 for Acorn Hydrogen CO2 capacity at start date: 0 CO2 capacity after completion: no data Status: Advanced Development Type of storage: Funding and support scheme: Project of Common Interest, National Funding Info related to the funding and support scheme: The project is funded and supported by industry partners (Storegga, Shell, Harbour Energy and NSMP), the UK and Scottish Governments and the European Union. The project has been designated as a European Project of Common Interest (PCI). Notes: Links: