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Marine, Environment and Offshore Safety

Oceans and seas are important areas of operations for the European Oil and Gas industry. To protect the marine environment, exploration, drilling and production are conducted according to the highest industry standards and in line with the applicable EU legislation. The industry is continuously working to further improve the sustainability of its operations.

Protection of coasts and oceans is a priority for the European Union. The EU Marine Policy
provides a legal framework to protect marine waters as part of an integrated strategy that aim at their sustainable use.

Some of the key pieces of EU legislation relevant to the protection of the ocean include:

  • Marine Framework Strategy Directive (or Marine Directive 2008/56/EC) and the associated Commission Decision on Good Environmental Status (2017/848)
  • Habitats (92/43/EEC) and Birds (2009/147/EC) Directives
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Directive (2014/52/EU) and the Strategic EIA Directive (2001/42/EC)
  • The Maritime Spatial Planning Directive (2014/89/EU)

The EU’s offshore safety regulatory requirements are found in the Offshore Safety Directive.
This legislation regulates the industry’s approach to identifying and mitigating major hazard
risk, and the Directive covers financial security, emergency response and independent verification of safety critical elements.

The Commission is now exploring whether amendments to the Directive may be necessary.
IOGP is working with the Commission and other relevant stakeholders on all the issues under the scope of the OSD review, including financial responsibility, decommissioning and free movement of MODUs. This legislation is of paramount importance for our industry and over the past five years we have worked with Member States, trade unions and the supply chain to implement the Directive.

We advocate for the OSD review to safeguard Europe’s existing performance-based approach to process safety and will continue to work with the Commission and other EU institutions to provide technical data and policy reflections.

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